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UK ‘first in line’ for US trade deal, says John Bolton

The UK is”first in line” to get a trade deal with the US, President Trump’s National Security Adviser has stated.

John Bolton said the US encouraged a no-deal Brexit and added that Washington would suggest an accelerated series of commerce deals.

Based on Mr Bolton, prices can be performed on a”sector-by-sector” foundation, with an arrangement on fabricating being consented .

His remarks came after meeting Prime Minister Boris Johnson in No 10.

Based on Mr Bolton, a hierarchical arrangement or”string of arrangements” could be thrown out”very quickly, quite straight-forwardly”.

While stating that”the two President Trump and I had been leavers earlier there were leavers”, he added a trade deal for fiscal services and agriculture wouldn’t be the first to be agreed.

Mr Bolton said”doing it in bits” isn’t unprecedented and the US recognized the significance and urgency of”doing as far as we could agree on as quickly as possible due to the impending 31 October exit date”.

He contended that there could be enthusiastic bipartisan support in Congress for rapid ratification at every stage.

“To be clear, at the Trump government, Britain’s always at the front part of the trade lineup, or line as we state,” said Mr Boltonsaid

“we would like to proceed very fast. We wish we could’ve proceeded farther along in this together with the former government.”

When asked if his proposed strategy would follow World Trade Organisation principles, he explained”our trade negotiators appear to believe it’s”.

He insisted the European Union and accused them of treating voters such as”peasants”.

“The trend from the European Union if the folks vote the wrong way by the manner the elites wish to go would be to create the peasants vote over and over until they get it ,” he explained.

He made it crystal clear that the US authorities”fully understands” that Brexit is the UK’s first priority, also said problems such as Iran, China, and also the participation of the Chinese telecoms company Huawei in establishing the UK’s 5G mobile infrastructure may be put off till after the UK renders the EU.

“We only request that, as problems come upwe solve them separately and we book the opportunity to have a bigger conversation on a few of these vital issues at a time that’s truly appropriate for the new administration. We felt we owe them ,” he explained.

Mr Bolton also referenced Mr Johnson’s willingness to take part in Operation Sentinel, which aims to beef up the army presence in the Gulf at the face of tensions between the West and Iran, stating he was”happy” because this”reflects a shift in the former government”.

Mr Johnson is likely to get his initial face-to-face meeting as prime minister together with Mr Trump after this month in the G7 summit in France.