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Hong Kong protests: Police defend use of ‘disguised’ officers

Hong Kong authorities have confessed deploying officers disguised as anti-government protesters throughout mass unrest that rocked the town on Sunday.

Some officers concealed themselves as”distinct characters”, a spokesman said, adding that the”decoy performance” had targeted”intense violent rioters”.

It comes following movie surfaced revealing suspected undercover officers making arrests through Sunday’s clashes.

Protesters have called for an inquiry into the activities of law enforcement.

Hong Kong’s mass demonstrations and unrest reveal no indication of abating, over two weeks when they were sparked by a contentious extradition bill which has been suspended.

On Monday, protesters occupied Hong Kong’s international airport pushing the cancellation of flights. Police state surgeries are currently restarting in the airport, but a few airlines have cancelled hundreds of flights on Tuesday.

On Monday, at a news conference that was sometimes heated, Deputy Police Commissioner Tang Ping-Keung defended using this”decoy officers”.

“I could say that throughout the time when our police officers were disguised… that they [did not] provoke anything” He explained. “We will not request them to wake up trouble”

“Our performance… is targeting intense violent rioters,” he added. Mr Tang said authorities were reacting to protesters who’d utilized slings and hurled petrol bombs.

What else did authorities state?

Assistant Police Commissioner Mak Chin-ho, that faced a volley of questions regarding Sunday’s violent scenes,” stated there was no proof to indicate a girl was taken by a police projectile.

Pictures of this girl, who had been bleeding heavily in the attention, were shared broadly on social websites on the weekend.

On Monday, protesters in the city’s international airport wore bandages over their eyes in reaction to the episode.

There have been confrontations in a number of central regions on Sunday and police used rubber bullets and tear gas in an effort to disperse demonstrators.

Video also revealed officers storming enclosed railroad stations before shooting tear gas indoors and beating people with batons.

A range of individuals, such as a police officer, were hurt in the clashes.

Mr Mak also defended using pepper ball rounds in close selection, stating officers left a”split-second” choice to fire on protesters who’d attempted to flee.

Beijing officials condemned Sunday’s violence and related violent protesters into”terrorism”.